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Interchan is a leading mobile application service provider operating in the Asia-Pacific region since 2002.  We market a range of mobile entertainment services consisting of high quality apps, engaging games and other value added services direct to consumer.   Connected to mobile network operators across the region with premium billing and standard rate messaging, Interchan offers a suite of freemium and premium services with flexible payment options across a complicated market landscape.
Interchan also empowers content owners, brands and media to interact with consumers in the increasingly critical mobile environment.  Having worked with SME’s, Fortune 500 Companies and Global Brands – Interchan lends its deep experience to its partners to allow them to engage with consumers through a range of solutions from ubiquitous SMS to App development and discovery.

Our vision is to create a convenient and meaningful user experience where consumers are able to access and interact on mobile like never before.  Under this philosophy, Interchan has championed the transformation of traditional media into interactive mobile campaigns and compelling services.  Interchan’s  ad sponsored social network services ‘Please Call Me’ in Thailand is a prime example this, a free channel for family and friends to talk to one another and keep in touch, what started as a SMS service now supports Smartphone users and has become the largest Social Messaging Service in Thailand with 21 million users.  Interchan also developed a text based real time restaurant search service in Taiwan known as ‘55155 Mobile Search’ which received government SBIR sponsorship in 2010 for Innovative Ideas in technology.  Other services include  Speaking Pal the ‘on the go’ English learning application, beauty calendars and social gaming applications like hamsters, romance lock in  app stores across multiple platforms.  One underlying message holds true, all the mobile applications we build answer a simple need of connecting with others, no matter in the form of  infotainment service, gaming applications or a simple ‘what’s playing right now on the radio’ service!!

Below is a high level summary of INTERCHAN and where we are today;

  • Founded in November 2002, profitable since May 2004
  • #1 Taiwan Content Provider with 70% premium market share
  • #1 mobile social network in Thailand serviced 21M users as of June 2012
  • #3 Hong Kong Content Provider
  • #5 Thailand Content Provider
  • Top 10 content provider in Indonesia in 2011
  • Deploying commercial services in  Philippines in 2012
  • Three patents in Mobile Applications (TFF, FDS, PCM)
  • 70% of content produced and localized in-house
  • 30% licensed from International publishers and developers
  • 200+ customers & media partners including Budweiser, VISA, AXN, Smirnoff
  • Global Member of the Mobile Entertainment Forum
  • Mobile application subscription model launched with Taiwan carrier
INTERCHAN’s investors are Comtrend Corporation (Edimax Technology group), a leading global supplier of advanced networking solutions, and Hung Lung Engineering – INTERCHAN is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with regional offices in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bangkok, Thailand